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Why Kyocera is becoming a leader in the MFP marketplace


Over the past 8 years, Kyocera Mita has quickly  become a leading manufacturer in the MFP marketplace and is currently one of the more profitable companies on the Nikkei, Japanease stock index. Due to its heavy emphasis on R&D and investment in new technologies, Kyocera has developed products that lead the industry in both reliability and environmental sustainability.

The reason Kyocera MFP’s are so reliable is because they run on a mono-component developer system, much like a laser printer. Most other MFP’s made by Ricoh or Xerox for instance, operate on a dual-component system. This can lead to a wider variability in copy quality, and a higher likelihood of paper jams and mechanical errors. Owners of Kyocera MFP’s seldom find themselves in need of a service technician, beyond the standard PM cycle.

Environmental Sustainability:
With Kyocera’s advanced technology, all components have been designed for extra long life, which means a reduction in waste and discarded materials. All containers and waste bottles are made of recyclable plastic and even the remaining toner, which is non-toxic, doesn’t harm the environment. Kyocera MFP’s also use far less electricity compared to other brands of equipment.

To learn more about Kyocera MFP’s visit their corporate site, or the site of an authorized Kyocera MFP photocopier dealer.

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Kyocera’s Capture2go Hypass Allows Users to Print from an Apple Iphone or Ipod Touch Device

iphoneEver wanted to print something directly from your Iphone? Kyocera, an emerging leader in the  MFP (multifunctional print device) marketplace has made this possible with their Capture2go Hypass Software.

Users can now scan documents directly to their Iphone or Ipad device using the software (now available on Itunes or the Apple App store),  via a wifi network. The ability to print directly from an Iphone or Ipod touch is also available, with the option for users to scan an entire local network for available devices.

This application is bound to grow in popularity as  Kyocera MFP’s continue to proliferate the marketplace, and as more and more users continue to surf the web with mobile devices rather than PC’s.

Click Here for the Full Article.

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Kyocera TASKalfa 552ci – Top Rated Colour MFP – BLI / Buyers Lab Report Review

Kyocera-taskalfa--552-ciThe Kyocera TASKalfa 552ci is the newest addition to one of the copier industries leading manufacturers. It has recently won a very strong rating from BLI test labs, earning 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The unit features copy, print and scan capabilities, as well as optional faxing. With a highly customizable control panel, users can program up to 18 shortcuts for quick access to commonly used features tailored specifically for their businesses. The unit even has a web browser as a standard feature of the control panel.


Outstanding Value

  • Very good overall test performance in BLI’s job stream test (which simulates usage in a real-world, multi-user environment).
  • Fast first copy times in both colour and black – for greater office efficiency.
  • Outstanding black image quality, and very good overall colour image quality.
  • Preventative maintenance interval design means one of the lowest service call rates of any copier or MFP in its class.
  • Dual scan document feeder (sheets only go through once meaning less wear and tear on ADF).
  • Robust customization capabilities from the control panel.
  • Simple overall procedures for removing mis-feeds and replacing toner.
  • Print from and scan to any USB drive right from the touch screen control panel.
  • Standard web browser access from the control panel.


  • Cumbersome procedures for switching between the PCL and Postscript drivers.
  • Slightly more cumbersome procedure for adjusting the size of paper drawers compared to some competing models.
  • Standard Max paper capacity lower than average for the group.

The colour touch screen is highly customizable and even comes with a standard web browser!

The colour touch screen is highly customizable and even comes with a standard web browser!

Download the Full BLI Test Report Here


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Multifunctional Print Devices Show Positive Growth in Q4 2009

Multifunctional Print Devices Are Showing Strong Growth

Multifunctional Print Devices Are Showing Strong Growth

Multifunctional Print Devices (MFP’s) show year over year growth in Q4 2009 / Monochrome beats out Colour.

The end of 2009 has shown positive signs for office equipment sales, and the economy as a whole. In the fourth quarter of 2009, the worldwide hardcopy device market grew 3.6%. It is determined that the increased popularity of multifunctional printers  has fueled a majority of the growth.

A surprising note was that mono (black & white) devices took the lead with 9.3% growth over colour devices at 8.0% which have previously maintained higher growth patterns in this industry.

(Source: International Data Corporation).

Kyocera-copierIt could be that more companies are switching back towards mono devices as a cost cutting strategy, despite the fact that the impression cost on some colour devices is very competitive with some commercial units these days.

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High Volume Print Shop Copier | OCE 9522 | New to the 4 Office Product line up


News Alert:

4 Office has expanded its product offering to include the OCE 9522, a highly efficient multifunction laser printer / copier / scanner / fax, with an average monthly volume of between 60,000 and 200,000 (within published specs).

Some of the basic specs below:

  • 95 A4 images per minute

  • 2 GB shared RAM

  • 2 GHz Print/Scan processor

  • 160 GB Hard drive disk

  • Ease-of-use designed for the office

  • Maximum security, including data encryption and user-specific authentication

  • High paper capacity via four media trays

  • Sorting, offset stacking, stapling, hole punching, booklet finishing and trimming

For this model and other exciting multifunction / laser printers & photocopiers see our product center.


Click Here to Download the OCE 9522 Brochure

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4 Office Automation Ltd. | Copier Sales and Service In Toronto / Ontario



For an amazing selection of photocopiers and MFP’s visit the product center on our website,


schedule a product demo at one of our locations.

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Powerful Scanning Feature | Kyocera Tasksalfa Multifunctional Printer / Scanner

tn4_taskalfa_250ci_colourscreenEveryone knows it is sometimes a challenge when scanning a document, and knowing exactly where it will end up. A new powerful feature on the Kyocera Taskalfa 500ci series, 520i series and 820 series multifunctional copiers allows the user to browse a computer’s destination folders (or sub-folders) and send the scaned document directly to the selected folder as a PDF or other format. If you create a new folder on the computer it will automatically show up at the control panel of the MFP. The user can also “tag” additional Keywords while they scan. This makes it a dead simple filing system.

To compliment this great feature, 4 Office has created a new version of our “Index Search” software which provides the user with a simple web based search function for easy access to all your scanned documents. With OCR (optical character recognition) technology – you can literally search for any document by any number or letter reference within the document. You have to see it to appreciate how good this is.

Compared to some of the products that are out there, this makes a document management solution an affordable option for some of the small and medium businesses that might not otherwise consider this as an option.


For more information on scanning solutions and electronic documents, contact sales.

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Should I Buy a Retail Copier for My Business?

copier-index4.gifMany business owners are tempted by the seemingly low prices displayed by retail vendors for Photocopiers, Copier Printers and Multifunctional Printers. Others who have been down this road before have come to know that the supply costs on some of these devices can far outweigh the total unit cost much sooner than what you might expect. If you are thinking of printing or copying more than a few sheets a day, than you may want to consider a commercial unit.

Now supply cost is one thing, but what happens when your device starts having problems down the road? Even if your device is covered by a warranty in the first year, can you really afford to have your business offline for the time it takes to repair or switch your machine? Not to mention – the hassel of having to take care of it yourself? If you or your staff are running a serious business, it is likely that your collective time is worth more than that.

A retail unit is suitable for a small home office, but even for a single user – it can become expensive over time. It’s hard to believe, but there are still many offices out there where there is a laser printer on every persons desk. In recent years, more businesses have moved toward leasing decentralized multifunctional devices which can be printed too by many individuals in one department – reducing the total number of print devices, lowering the cost per copy, saving on electricity costs as well as maintenance costs as well. It is almost like the difference between heating your house with a bunch of tiny electric space heaters, or investing in a fuel efficient natural gas furnace that is built to heat the entire house. That is what some businesses are actually doing out there – running on a bunch of tiny expensive devices.

Smart business owners understand the principle behind investing in a more robust machine that will ultimately have a lower cost per copy and cost of ownership.

Ultimately the choice is yours, and I have advice for both scenarios. If you choose to get by on a small retail machine for now, make sure you measure how much it is costing you. If you decide that it is time to invest in a more suitable machine for your business, make sure you research the quality of the unit. You will want to invest in something that is reliable and user friendly. Also – make sure you buy from a dealer or VAR that can provide you with a 4 hour service guarantee. Your business can not afford to wait for a technician two days after you have placed a service call.

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Copiers, Photocopiers, Multifunctional Copiers & Printers – Choose From The Top Brands


For an amazing selection of copiers and MFP’s visit the product center on our website,


schedule a product demo at one of our locations.

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Multifunctional Copiers – The Unsung Hero Of Your Business

Kyocera-copierThe photocopier has come a long way since 1949, when xerographic technology was first introduced by xerox. It used to be that companies would pay an arm and a leg for photocopiers that had limited capabilities ( usually one sided copies at very low speeds), not to mention low reliability. Fast forward to today, where now have multifunctional printers – devices that can now not only copy, but also be used as printers, fax machines, network scanners, not to mention a host of other specialized features. As the cost for these devices has continued to decrease over the years, it can truly be said that most businesses today enjoy enormous value compared to businesses even 5 or ten years ago. Many of us take for granted the technological advances we enjoy in present day society. The way computers continue to evolve every year with more processing power. How mobile phones and hands free technologies enable us to do more while on the go. Most people tend to take this attitude toward office technology far too often I find. It is rare that a person reflects on how these devices facilitate and support their businesses. More often than not, we only really pay close attention to these devices when they fail to work correctly – which I find leads to a bit of a negative perception.

Next time, when you use your photocopier or multifunctional device, perhaps reflect on how this device makes your life easier – and picture how your business would run without it.

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