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Kyocera’s KMnet Streamlines Printer Operations in the Office

blogphotoKMnet is every administrator’s dream come true. You no longer have to worry about the hassle of multiple programs or having to walk to each printer. KMnet Admin provides a unified solution for network device management. Using a web-based platform, network administrators can easily control every device in the organisation. You can easily monitor the device status and problems can be quickly and remotely identified.
There are three tools within KMnet Admin that help you manage your print environment, Device Manager, Accounting and Print Job Management.


Device Manager
The device manager allows the administrator to organise devices into logical groups, view their status at a glance, set up automatic e-mail alerts and upgrade Kyocera device firmware. Device Manager also provides intuitive grouping, instant status overview, comprehensive device searchers, change settings in multiple devices at the same time, proactive management, alert management and device troubleshooting.

KMnet accounting collects meter count data of each device across the network. Administrators can easily analyze the data to see the usage environment. The optimal distribution of devices can be determined by analyzing the data and determining were the devices can be determined to maximize efficiency and productivity. Print and copy volumes generated for individuals or departments can be clearly identified and can raise awareness about the costs that they are generating.

Print Job Management
The Print Job Manager provides end-users and administrators queue and job control functionality which is extended to desktop and workgroup level devices. The Print Job Manager is a server-based job accounting system that is able to link usage to domain users instead of account codes, which are often limited in number and need to be programmed to devices.

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