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Used Photocopiers in Toronto, Ontario | Buyers Guide

used copiersToronto is probably the used photocopier capital of the world. There is a lot of used gear floating around from old leases and contracts – but buyer beware! If you are thinking of upgrading your office copier at a bargain, you could get burned in the long run (many of these machines would not be suitable for your office without some major work and replacement parts). Fortunately there are some really good deals to be had if you are smart and know what it is you are buying. Below is a quick buyers guide if you are thinking of buying used:

Are you Buying from a Reputable Supplier?
Research the company or supplier you are buying from and make sure they have a reputable track record for selling quality products and servicing clients in your area.  Don’t always trust a big “brand name” either.

reman-imageHas the used machine been properly re-conditioned or re-manufactured?
If the machine was previously owned or used, make sure it has been properly serviced / reconditioned. Make sure they didn’t just clean the outside or slap on new panels. A reputable dealer (who intends to honor business into the future, will likely replace all of the crucial components and parts, giving the machine a fresh and predictable life span. Also, if they intend to service the machine for you under a contract, they will make sure it is running very well before shipping out the door.

Does the machine sale / lease come with a guarantee?hand
Does your supplier offer you a guarantee? Do you get to test drive the machine for a few months in advance? Will they guarantee the machine will run properly under normal use for a given amount of years?

Who will service the machine when it goes down?
If you are just buying a used photocopier “as is” or not opting for a service contract, make sure you understand what it will cost you to have the machine serviced when it does break down. If not under a service contract, you could be paying for hours of labor as well as parts costs.  One of the great things about having a service contract is that you can be sure you are getting a decent machine up front. A supplier would never sell you a lemon if they knew they had to service it themselves.

researchHave you researched the equipment brand / model?
What model / brand of equipment are you buying? How does it rate for reliability? At the end of the day, reliability is probably the most crucial factor in your day to day business needs. If the machine goes down, and you depend on it for mission critical tasks, that can be an expense in itself.

If you are in business for yourself or work for a company and are searching for used photocopiers online, naturally you want to get the best value at the best price.  Just remember, the best value is not always the lowest price, and sometimes the lowest price up front, ends up being the most costly choice down the road.

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