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Scan to Email | One of my favorite features on the Samsung 6555n MFP Copier

Scan to Email

Scan to Email

Need to send a document to someone in digital form?

Gone are the days when we used to have to scan the document, save it to our desktop and manually attach the file to an email message. Now, most MFP’s like the Samsung 6555n, allow us to send digital documents simply by using the touch screen.

Easy to use

For the Samsung 6555n, as well many other brands of equipment, sending a document is almost as easy as making a photocopy. The only extra work involved is the entry of yours and the recipients email address, however like most touch tone phones, you can program the addresses in just like having numbers on speed dial. In no time, the document is sent to your recipient in a convenient PDF format.

Document Management?

I sometimes even use scan to email as a crude document management system. For instance, if there is a really cool magazine or newspaper article that I want to have on file, I will email it to myself and save it to my hard drive to have on file. For more advanced versions of digital document storage, there are many powerful add on’s that can be accompanied with a Samsung or other version MFP. SmartThru™ is document management software that allows users to create, store and edit scanned images, as well as direct the files to dedicated folders on a given PC computer. There are a variety of document management software programs available for various MFP brands. Some are very robust systems and others are quite simple. It all depends on your individual needs.

I know many of the people in our office use document management software as an essential tool for digital document storage and other administrative processes. For now, I will continue to enjoy scanning my favorite article now and then.

For more information on both simple and complex document management solutions, or if you would like to someone to demo scan to email functionality on a Samsung MFP, call 4 Office at 1-800-463-3423 to schedule a consultation.

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  1. Monex says:

    ……….Document and Email Managementsystemised storage of all client materials and correspondence….Document Management Software for Professional Service Firms..Firms are currently facing unprecedented levels of change. An explosion of content including electronic documents email and scanned paper and a range of instantaneous receipt and delivery methods are making tracking and filing more and more impossible to keep up with.

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