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Why Kyocera is becoming a leader in the MFP marketplace


Over the past 8 years, Kyocera Mita has quickly  become a leading manufacturer in the MFP marketplace and is currently one of the more profitable companies on the Nikkei, Japanease stock index. Due to its heavy emphasis on R&D and investment in new technologies, Kyocera has developed products that lead the industry in both reliability and environmental sustainability.

The reason Kyocera MFP’s are so reliable is because they run on a mono-component developer system, much like a laser printer. Most other MFP’s made by Ricoh or Xerox for instance, operate on a dual-component system. This can lead to a wider variability in copy quality, and a higher likelihood of paper jams and mechanical errors. Owners of Kyocera MFP’s seldom find themselves in need of a service technician, beyond the standard PM cycle.

Environmental Sustainability:
With Kyocera’s advanced technology, all components have been designed for extra long life, which means a reduction in waste and discarded materials. All containers and waste bottles are made of recyclable plastic and even the remaining toner, which is non-toxic, doesn’t harm the environment. Kyocera MFP’s also use far less electricity compared to other brands of equipment.

To learn more about Kyocera MFP’s visit their corporate site, or the site of an authorized Kyocera MFP photocopier dealer.

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  1. Janice says:

    I can’t say I ever work with a Kyocera MFP, but I work with Sharp and have tried several brands of MFPs. Much to my disappointment, one or another of the functions was unsatisfactory. I am always so happy to go back to my Sharp MFP where I get crisp, clear copies every time.MFP

  2. Selba says:

    It’s true! We have a Kyocera MFP and have had very few problems with it. We are in the process of sourcing another on in the near future.

  3. 4 Office says:

    Thanks for your comment!

  4. 4 Office says:

    Different products are suited for different applications. Some machines work well in a given environment, but will under perform in others. There are many factors to be aware of when selecting the right product ie. Capital cost of the equipment, cost of supplies, cost of maintenance kits. It is very cost effective (and less work) to lease a machine on an all in cost per copy contract – that way you can determine the TCO (True cost of ownership) and have a much better understanding of what your printing is costing you each year.

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