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Kyocera’s Capture2go Hypass Allows Users to Print from an Apple Iphone or Ipod Touch Device

iphoneEver wanted to print something directly from your Iphone? Kyocera, an emerging leader in the  MFP (multifunctional print device) marketplace has made this possible with their Capture2go Hypass Software.

Users can now scan documents directly to their Iphone or Ipad device using the software (now available on Itunes or the Apple App store),  via a wifi network. The ability to print directly from an Iphone or Ipod touch is also available, with the option for users to scan an entire local network for available devices.

This application is bound to grow in popularity as  Kyocera MFP’s continue to proliferate the marketplace, and as more and more users continue to surf the web with mobile devices rather than PC’s.

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  1. Richard29 says:

    Will this application work on other print devices as well?

  2. 4 Office says:

    This software is designed to only print to Kyocera MFP’s, but I am sure more sophisticated apps will come out that will allow you to print to multiple brands. Kyocera created this app to run on their equipment though.

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