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Should I Buy a Retail Copier for My Business?

copier-index4.gifMany business owners are tempted by the seemingly low prices displayed by retail vendors for Photocopiers, Copier Printers and Multifunctional Printers. Others who have been down this road before have come to know that the supply costs on some of these devices can far outweigh the total unit cost much sooner than what you might expect. If you are thinking of printing or copying more than a few sheets a day, than you may want to consider a commercial unit.

Now supply cost is one thing, but what happens when your device starts having problems down the road? Even if your device is covered by a warranty in the first year, can you really afford to have your business offline for the time it takes to repair or switch your machine? Not to mention – the hassel of having to take care of it yourself? If you or your staff are running a serious business, it is likely that your collective time is worth more than that.

A retail unit is suitable for a small home office, but even for a single user – it can become expensive over time. It’s hard to believe, but there are still many offices out there where there is a laser printer on every persons desk. In recent years, more businesses have moved toward leasing decentralized multifunctional devices which can be printed too by many individuals in one department – reducing the total number of print devices, lowering the cost per copy, saving on electricity costs as well as maintenance costs as well. It is almost like the difference between heating your house with a bunch of tiny electric space heaters, or investing in a fuel efficient natural gas furnace that is built to heat the entire house. That is what some businesses are actually doing out there – running on a bunch of tiny expensive devices.

Smart business owners understand the principle behind investing in a more robust machine that will ultimately have a lower cost per copy and cost of ownership.

Ultimately the choice is yours, and I have advice for both scenarios. If you choose to get by on a small retail machine for now, make sure you measure how much it is costing you. If you decide that it is time to invest in a more suitable machine for your business, make sure you research the quality of the unit. You will want to invest in something that is reliable and user friendly. Also – make sure you buy from a dealer or VAR that can provide you with a 4 hour service guarantee. Your business can not afford to wait for a technician two days after you have placed a service call.

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