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Posts from ‘December, 2009’

Multifunctional Copiers – The Unsung Hero Of Your Business

The photocopier has come a long way since 1949, when xerographic technology was first introduced by xerox. It used to be that companies would pay an arm and a leg for photocopiers that had limited capabilities ( usually one sided copies at very low speeds), not to mention low reliability. Fast forward to today, where [...]

Samsung 6345 Copier | Multifunction | Printer

A solid multifunction, built for mid-sized offices and work groups.
Designed to be a business solution that fits into any budget, the 6345 is loaded with features and can be easily integrated into any business environment. Quality images, useful features and a simple interface round out this all-in-one machine. The Samsung 6345 is a high-capacity machine [...]

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