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The Panasonic DP c305 is a multi-function printer that is simple to use and provides high quality colour or monochrome images. As a multi-function unit, the Panasonic DP c305 can copy, print, scan and manage documents across a network. Users can also opt to equip it with the optional fax feature.

BERTL Awards the Panasonic c3 Series With 4 Stars

“All in all, BERTL found the DP-C405 to be a will-crafted and very easy-to-use office-colour MFP that reflects Panasonic’s expertise (Panasonic FP-C1 was one of the industry’s first digital office color copiers). It will be well-suited for mid-size to large office workgroups with mid-volume black-and-white and office-colour print and copy volumes that require highly competitive office-colour image quality, as well as network-scanning, scan-to-email capability and strong walk-up, scan-to-fax and print-to-fax capabilities. For these reasons, and because of its very good tested performance, BERTL highly recommends the Panasonic DP-C405.”

Superb Colour Pantone Certified Image Quality

Pantone CertifiedThe Panasonic DP c305 relies on digital printing technology. This technology ensures that all images, whether copies or originals, will be crisp and clean looking. Text and photos can be printed or copied with excellent clarity.  The machine produces quality half-tones and can produce all ten shades of the primary print colors (black, cyan, yellow and magenta). Line control and dot control mean the Panasonic produces images that can be considered well above average.

Additional Features:

Additional features make the Panasonic DP c305 stand out. High capacity storage, finishing options, a simple interface and optimum print speed combine to increase the utility of the machine. Additional features make the machine easy to use, increase the quality of images and protect the security of your information.

  • High capacity storage:  The Panasonic DP c305 allows users to store print jobs, including finishing options, for printing at a latter time. This is especially useful for documents that need to be printed on a regular basis. Because of the large amount of memory, even large jobs can be saved in the manner.

  • Finishing options:  From hole punches to staples, the Panasonic DP c305 has all the finishing options needed to create professional documents and presentations.

  • Interface:  A simple to use interface makes programming and using the machine easy. Simple, easy to follow guides walk users through each step.

  • Print Speed:  The Panasonic DP c305 produces black and white digital images at a relatively fast speed. This speed varies on the print job but is typically 40 pages per minute for black and white images and 30 pages per minute for color images.

  • Maintenance Schedule:  The Panasonic DP c305 includes a maintenance program that allows users to preset when maintenance will be performed. Routine maintenance may prevent future problems with the copier.

  • Ease of Use:  Panasonic has included remote control software; audible beeps for errors and even voice-recognition software. The control panel tilts and is specially designed for the visually impaired.

  • Security:  The Panasonic DP c305 includes the ability to overwrite the hard drive and print privately to ensure that sensitive documents and information are protected.

4 Office Automation Sells and Services this machine across the Province of Ontario. Visit a sales office in Toronto, Mississauga, Kingston or Ottawa for a full Product Demonstration.

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