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Is the Panasonic Workio DP-190 right for your office?

The Panasonic DP 190 Multifunctional - Rated Best Copy/Scancentric Executive MFP

The Panasonic DP 190 Multifunctional - Rated Best Copy/Scancentric Executive MFP

Named by Bertl as “exceptional” in its class and given the prestigious 5-Star Rating, the Panasonic DP 190 offers an outstanding range of business-critical features and functions, is an innovative, easy to use product, that is well-designed and represents an exceptional value for the money.

The Panasonic WORKIO DP-190 multifunction printer offers the latest in technological advances to your office-printing environment.  Carefully crafted with the user in mind, it’s also made to last, and be safe for the environment.  It’s designed to stand the tests of time, with fewer breakdowns and maintenance calls, easier user-interfaces and stylish design.  With its advanced features and unsurpassed reliability, it’s an outstanding, stand-alone document management center for your small business, or home office.

It’s equipped with everything you need for copying, color scans, printing and faxing.  It has both an automated document feeder and a built-in duplexing unit. The Panasonic DP 190 also has a flatbed scanner for color or B&W scanning, making it simple to digitize text or graphics documents, then transferrable to Mac or PC.  High resolutions offer crisp, clean images for manipulation on your PC or for print or email attachment.  You can share either via network or as email attachments.  It can be set up as a network printer, with LAN capabilities for your existing set-up, offering sharing capabilities.  It also functions as a high-speed fax machine, offering faster, higher-quality transmissions than you’re probably used to.

General features include:  600×600 dpi print resolution, Ethernet and USB ports, 1200dpi resolution, 33.6 kbps fax modem (with 2.7 second transmission of a letter) and quick memory transmission.

With specialized capabilities such as Digital Skyshot, you can copy smaller documents like checks, insurance cards, checks or ID cards with great accuracy.  Any shaped object can be reproduced, with no loss of clarity or extra black spaces around the images that need to be cleaned up before printing.  “N-in-1” gives the capability to copy many originals onto a single sheet, speeding up document production (and reducing paper use).  The Double Exposure key on the control panel allows users to create high-quality copies of smaller, double-sided documents on a piece of paper, without the black spaces around.

The networking options are many, with standard built-in network board and Ethernet LAN port, so any printer on the network can use it.

An additional function allows you to boost print resolution from 600×600 dpi to a 1200 dpi equivalent, by adding an optional printer controller.  The clean, well-defined copies offer excellent legibility.  Even small, complicated images are easily reproduced.

The DP 190 is one of the smaller Panasonic Copiers, but it offers exceptional value for it’s size and price point.


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