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Buying a color copier or multifunctional for your office

Buying a color multifunctional for your office


A multifunctional copier is the cornerstone of any office environment

A multifunctional copier system is essential for any growing business.  Whether you rely on in house printing for advertisement materials, print in-house forms or send hundreds of faxes on a daily basis, a multifunctional is integral to helping the day to day life of your business run smoothly. Today’s multifunctionals combine performance and ease of use to create the optimal business machine. Whether you’re looking to process high volumes of different types of data in a large corporate office, or smaller volumes in a home office- there is a multifunctional out there to suit your needs and improve the functionality of your office.

The specific needs of a business are varied, but typically, the average multifunctional combines the following features ino one package:



Print more quickly, and at a lower cost per page

These machines are designed to print on a network.  Using a multifunctional, your office could replace a number of individual printers and use less paper and energy by printing to a multifunctional. It is important to note that the cost per page on a multifunctional is much lower than that of a network printer.



Go beyond simple copying with powerful new digital features

Copying documents has never been easier with a multifunctional.  A multi-page feeder tray allows for maximum efficiency.  They are equipped with multiple paper trays to handle large print or copy jobs. For jobs that require complex finishing needs, these multifunctionals offer multi position stapling and hole punch.  There are booklet finishing options that will make presentation booklets for your next meeting a breeze.


Scanning is an important way to save images to your hard drive, or send images via email.  You are able to select and scan in multiple formats, such as .tif, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, etc.  There are also a variety of transfer formats like email, FTP, or TWAIN.


Send faxes through your multifunctional with ease from your desktop computer. Multifunctionals can both send and receive faxes.  The fax machine can work using different fax methods, like SIP fax, network fax (SMTP,) or internet fax.



Scan and email documents to multiple addresses

Email documents directly from the multifunctional, after scanning or copying. All of these tasks are easily completed using the multifunctional’s large, easy to read function panel to help you navigate the system’s options.


With modern MFP's (Multifunctional Printers) many stand alone devices are consolidated into one single piece of equipment

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  1. The features are really superb! I really admire this multifunction printer. It’s time to save and be satisfied with the quality.

  2. Harold.SW says:

    Thanks for the points around this. The only reservation I have around multifunctionals is having all your eggs in one basket so to speak – meaning if one function goes (say the copier) than you can’t print either. It would have to be quite reliable. I am researching Kyocera at the moment.

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