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Before you buy a new printer, get the facts about your toner use


Toner cartridge yields can be mis-leading - know the facts!

When buying a new ink jet printer or laser printer, the concept that your ink and toner will last an incredibly long time is a very attractive one. However enticing it may seem, studies show that the information about toner yields is unfortunately misleading. You might be wondering why you never actually get to print as many documents as your toner leads you to believe you can print.

When the ISO tests the toner capabilities, they do not test them under the conditions of  typical office environments. The result of this misleading information means that you could be paying 200-400 percent more for every page you print! In order to properly understand your costs, it is very important to determine how many copies you can realistically expect from each cartridge.

Some of the ISO test factors that can affect how many copies can actually be made include:

1. Continuous Mode Testing with Ink Jets: After each print job in a real life office situation, the ink cartridge needs to clean out its nozzles to prevent clogging. When ISO tests the cartridge, it is run at a continuous mode, with no time being spent for this cleaning process to occur.

2. Test Pages: ISO test pages are printed with only about 20% of the page being used for text. This nowhere near the average office situation where toner is used to cover 30-40% of a document. They will also print color copies with only 15% of the page being used for color, when in reality businesses use closer to 30% of a page.

3. Testing for fade: The ISO tests copies for fade in groups of 100. For example if a printer prints 435 prints with no fade, the number would be rounded up to 500, leaving a huge margin of error.

4. Testing for rated speed: ISO tests the toner cartridges at a fast speed draft mode ( 200 dpi), where most office computers run at a lower speed of 600 dpi. This additionally skews the data for toner usage.


ISO / IEC 24711 – Colour Test Charts

It is important to understand toner cartridge yields and to realize how expensive your toner will actually be,  because as we have described above, the ISO print rating is sometimes at odds with the actual usage of the toner.

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