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The top small office multifunctional copier / printers in review

When it comes time to purchase your very own multifunctional in Ontario, Toronto, or Mississauga,  it’s important to understand each machine’s unique capabilities. Panasonic and Kyocera each have unique multifunctionals on the market. Here is a quick sheet with some of the selling points for each unique multifunctional printer.




Panasonic DP-190

The DP-190 will bring cutting edge technology directly into your work environment. The multifunctional can both copy, color scan, fax and print documents. The multifunctional device comes with an Automatic Document Feeder. You can use this printer either as a very strong ordinary copier with 19cpm capabilities, or you can use it to its fullest capacity by trying the color flatbed scanner. You can also send your documents to numerous computers remotely, using the Internet. You can plug this printer into your LAN and the network will install automatically. The multifunctional also has a high performance Super g3 fax with JBIG compression . This will send your documents quickly and improve your office performance.


18 PPM KM-1820


Kyocera KM-1820

This KM-1820 is ready to plug into your network immediately. It has a desktop copier, a scanner, printer and a fax machine. This is a great machine for smaller office environments. You can print 18 pages per minute at a high output level of 600 dpi. You can print any document or scan in pages from any network computer. You can color scan to many places including: color scanning to FTP, to a folder, to an email address, and TWAIN scanning. Some parts, such as the optional fax kit need to be purchased separately.

In  Toronto or Mississauga, try 4Office Automation for all of your multifunctional needs.


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