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Brand Name Copiers in Toronto and the GTA: Things You Need to Know


Choosing a Supplier in the GTA can be a Challenge

When looking for a new copier or multifunctional device for your home or office, would you trust a vendor that only sells one brand of office equipment? There are many vendors to choose from for copiers in Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA.

The challenge that most customers will face however, is two fold: 1) Will the reseller you choose provide you with the overall best equipment and service option for your office? and 2) from a total cost of ownership perspective, are you truly getting the best value for your money?

Below are the main things you should consider before deciding on the right vendor for you:

1. Reputation / Track Record of the Vendor
If you have dealt with this vendor or company in the past, have you personally been satisfied with the quality of products and customer service? If you have not dealt with the vendor or company before, is there someone you know who has?

2. Quality Rating of Products
Are you confident in the quality of the product? Does it meet your standards in terms of reliability, print quality and ease of use? Also be sure whether it is truly a good fit for your office environment. Unfortunately, there are many stories of customers who have paid too much for machines that are either too big for their needs, or in some instances, too small!.


Make Sure You Get a Good Service Plan!

3. Quality of Service (ie. Guaranteed Response Time)
You or your office staff can’t afford to depend on machine that jams, or breaks down frequently, only to end up waiting days for a service call.  Does the vendor you are considering guarantee a reasonable response time?

4. Financing, Purchase and/or Lease Options
Especially in today’s economy, small and medium business customers deserve all the help they can get. Does your vendor of choice offer you both purchase and/or flexible lease options? Most businesses, if given the choice, will opt for a reasonable term lease (ie. 36-48 months). This allows them to carry the machine as an operating expense, instead of claiming it as a capital asset.


All In Cost Per Copy Plans Make Ordering Supplies a Painless Experience

5. All in Cost Per Copy Plans
When considering a new purchase or lease, make sure you get set up on a really good “all in” cost per copy plan. You and your staff don’t want to be bothered with administrative hassles of ordering toner or negotiating individual service calls, as well as the associated costs. An “all in” cost per copy arrangement will bundle your toner, parts and service costs all under a single rate per printed page, leaving you more time to focus on your core competency.

A few more guidlines to consider…

Know Your Intended Usage Before You Buy

Different machines are designed to work best under specific print/copy volumes. As stated above, if you are only doing a low volume of prints and copies, you could be fine with buying a smaller unit for less money (even though the cost of toner and supplies is higher). However, if you are doing a high volume, you would be wiser to pay more up front for a bigger machine, and over the long run, pay less for supplies.

Rule of Thumb:

The higher the cost of the machine – the lower supply cost.  Basically, the more you pay for the device, the lower your cost per page will be over the long run. That is why you see those tiny inkjet printers selling for so little at some of the department stores. What people find out is how much it costs to refill or re-purchase the ink cartridges.


Request a Free, No-Obligation Quote on Our Main Website

If you are in the market for a new Copier or Multifunctional, we encourage you to request a quote on our main website. 4 Office carries 5 main brands of equipment, with over 40 models to choose from. A sales representative will work to understand your needs first before arriving at a competitive quote.

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