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Kyocera Mobile Print Brings Office Productivity to Smartphones

Kyocera Document Solutions Canada has recently announced the introduction of the new Kyocera Mobile Print business application. The Kyocera Mobile Print app enables mobile users to simply and conveniently print files, web pages and images on demand, effectively expanding office functionality to their smart devices. As an added feature, users can also scan files and images from Kyocera multifunctional copiers to their mobile devices.

The process is simple: Connect the mobile device to the same WiFi network as the Kyocera multifunctional (MFP) or printer, use the app to open a document or website to print, select the device you wish to print to and press Print!

With this system, employees no longer have to carry around more documents than necessary. Furthermore, users benefit from increased security and confidentiality because documents do not need to be transferred to computers on the printer network. Best of all, the app is free!

The Kyocera Mobile Print app is compatible with the following:

  • iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices runnig iOS version 4.2 or later.
  • Android 2.2 or later for phones and Android 3.0 or later for tablets.
  • Printing devices and MFPs that support PDF Direct print 1.4 or later.

To learn more about Kyocera multifunctionals, office copiers and integrated print solutions, contact 4Office Automation (Ontario)

For more information about Kyocera Mobile Print, visit the Kyocera’s app website.

Expand to see supported KYOCERA models:

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Kyocera TASKalfa Multifunctional Series Product Demo

Kyocera’s TASKalfa line of copiers has been repeatedly recognized for their efficiency and reliability. In this video, Jordan Carlin walks us through some of the key features of the TASKalfa line including the proprietary amorphous silicon drum and power saving technologies.

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4 Points to Consider When Deciding on a New Office Multifunctional

Product ChocieThere are several questions you should be asking yourself when deciding on a new copier or multifunctional printer. Do you really want to purchase and maintain your own machine, or would a lease and service contract better suit your needs? Will you require additional functions and features such as faxing, document archiving or finishing? How fast of a machine is fast enough for your office? Here are some tips to help you out with these decisions.

Leasing a multifunctional vs Buying a machine
Owning a multifunctional printer can be a potential headache. Office supply stores are full of seemingly good deals on copier/printer/fax devices. However, these are primarily designed for occasional use and are not built or heavy-duty operations. Leasing a multifunctional machine is an excellent way of lowering your costs while keeping up with the changing technology. You can expect to spend several thousand dollars for a new multifunctional printer but can spend less than a hundred a month for a leased one. On the other hand, purchasing can be a great option if you plan to use the machine for a long period of time.

Consider bundling your costs
Printers and copiers have many components that are subject to maintenance or supplies that need to be refilled. Administrators have better things to do than be constantly servicing a machine. There are many businesses that bundle these costs into one flat monthly rate, making it one less thing for your company to worry about. Materials such as ink and toner are supplied to demand and any service issues are quickly addressed. This is particularly convenient for small offices and businesses.

A high speed multifunctional printer will save you a lot of time and frustration. If you work in a busy office, 100 pages per minute is a good bet to keep documents flowing. For lower workload offices, 40-50 pages per minute will ensure your business operates smoothly. In addition to this, queues and print management software will keep the overall process running quickly and efficiently. It’s best to discuss this key metric with a product representative in order to determine a good match.

Adding extras
Busy businesses do not have time to be constantly standing over the machine feeding single sheets through a printer or refilling paper trays. If you consistently do high volumes you will want to look for a printer with a higher paper holding capacity. There are multifunctional printers that can hold as many as 3000 sheets of A4 paper in a single tray. You can also add finishers to your multifunctional device so that it can automate stapling, hole punching and more. Examine how your office machines are being used to find opportunities for improved efficiency.

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Kyocera’s KMnet Streamlines Printer Operations in the Office

blogphotoKMnet is every administrator’s dream come true. You no longer have to worry about the hassle of multiple programs or having to walk to each printer. KMnet Admin provides a unified solution for network device management. Using a web-based platform, network administrators can easily control every device in the organisation. You can easily monitor the device status and problems can be quickly and remotely identified.
There are three tools within KMnet Admin that help you manage your print environment, Device Manager, Accounting and Print Job Management.


Device Manager
The device manager allows the administrator to organise devices into logical groups, view their status at a glance, set up automatic e-mail alerts and upgrade Kyocera device firmware. Device Manager also provides intuitive grouping, instant status overview, comprehensive device searchers, change settings in multiple devices at the same time, proactive management, alert management and device troubleshooting.

KMnet accounting collects meter count data of each device across the network. Administrators can easily analyze the data to see the usage environment. The optimal distribution of devices can be determined by analyzing the data and determining were the devices can be determined to maximize efficiency and productivity. Print and copy volumes generated for individuals or departments can be clearly identified and can raise awareness about the costs that they are generating.

Print Job Management
The Print Job Manager provides end-users and administrators queue and job control functionality which is extended to desktop and workgroup level devices. The Print Job Manager is a server-based job accounting system that is able to link usage to domain users instead of account codes, which are often limited in number and need to be programmed to devices.

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Kyocera Reviews | Brand New Line of TASKalfa MFP’s Receive Top Marks from Buyers Laboratory.

Kyocera Taskalfa 8000ciFollowing the success of Kyocera’s line of TASKalfa multifunctional products (MFPs), Kyocera has unveiled 11 new colour and black & white TASKalfa MFPs. In particular, the TASKalfa 5550ci Color MFP has achieved “Reliability Certified” and “Highly Recommended” ratings for efficiency and reliability from Buyers Laboratory.

The new TASKalfa MFPs include vibrant colour and crisp black & white printing, colour scanning and copying, and optional Super G3 fax/network fax for high-speed document delivery.This new Multifunctional Copier line maintains Kyocera’s award-winning technology with key features that include:

  • Up to 7,650 sheet paper capacity with optional paper feed units.
  • Standard Color Scanning to multiple destinations, including Scan-to-Email, Scan-to-FTP, WSD scanning, and LDAP support
  • Standard USB host interface for convenient print-from and scan-to any USB drive in PDF, JPG, TIFF and XPS formats – all via the touch screen control panel.
  • 12 x 47 inch banner printing on all new TASKalfa color MFPs
  • A wide range of advanced finishing options, including hole punch, off-line staple, booklet and tri-fold finishing


For 2011 Kyocera has brought a full line of 11 new MFP's


Powerful Applications

Business’ can further maximize their productivity in a variety of places. There are several applications that are compatible with Kyocera MFPs that offer increased flexibility and mobility in the workplace including;

Capture2Go allows iPhone users to scan documents and print documents on any authorised Kyocera networked printer

OpenText RightFax users are able to scan and send documents to the RightFax server from TASKalfa MFPs for full fax integration.

Kyocera’s Card Authentication allows business to manage the security of their documents by controlling user access

Kyocera SharePoint connector Microsoft SharePoint users are able to access and scan documents into SharePoint directly from the Kyocera MFP device panel

DMS Link allows users to capture, index, route, search and manage paper and digital documents on the control panel of the TASKalfa MFP

All these business applications are powered by Kyocera’s HyPAS and can help streamline your documents workflow and efficiency. No business is too large or too small to reap the benefits.

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Scan / Upload Paper Documents Directly Into Google Docs

Scan Your Documents and Upload Them Directly to Google Docs?

google_docs_logo1I couldn’t believe my ears the other day when IT blurted it out – “configure your multifunctional device to scan directly to an account on Google docs”. Up until now, I hadn’t been too excited about cloud computing, but Google docs is something I use almost every day to share and manage documents with clients and colleagues. Everyone these days seems to have a Google account, so this kind of solution will likely appeal to at least some of those users.

How does it work?

With a simple piece of middle ware, and by configuring the machine correctly, your multifunctional device can be set up to link directly to Google Docs. You simply select the appropriate path or designated folder on your device, and if the script is working correctly, it should appear in your Google doc account in no time (depending on the size of the document).

Why is this relevant?

For some customers this will be a very simple document management solution, where files can be uploaded and managed using a secure online account (Google Docs). For others it can be a cost effective innovation for their business into cloud computing. The ability to store documents (for free) and share them with whomever you like (by email address) could prove very convenient for some customers.

For more information on how to set this up for your own business, inquire with a 4 Office representative today.

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Used Photocopiers in Toronto, Ontario | Buyers Guide

used copiersToronto is probably the used photocopier capital of the world. There is a lot of used gear floating around from old leases and contracts – but buyer beware! If you are thinking of upgrading your office copier at a bargain, you could get burned in the long run (many of these machines would not be suitable for your office without some major work and replacement parts). Fortunately there are some really good deals to be had if you are smart and know what it is you are buying. Below is a quick buyers guide if you are thinking of buying used:

Are you Buying from a Reputable Supplier?
Research the company or supplier you are buying from and make sure they have a reputable track record for selling quality products and servicing clients in your area.  Don’t always trust a big “brand name” either.

reman-imageHas the used machine been properly re-conditioned or re-manufactured?
If the machine was previously owned or used, make sure it has been properly serviced / reconditioned. Make sure they didn’t just clean the outside or slap on new panels. A reputable dealer (who intends to honor business into the future, will likely replace all of the crucial components and parts, giving the machine a fresh and predictable life span. Also, if they intend to service the machine for you under a contract, they will make sure it is running very well before shipping out the door.

Does the machine sale / lease come with a guarantee?hand
Does your supplier offer you a guarantee? Do you get to test drive the machine for a few months in advance? Will they guarantee the machine will run properly under normal use for a given amount of years?

Who will service the machine when it goes down?
If you are just buying a used photocopier “as is” or not opting for a service contract, make sure you understand what it will cost you to have the machine serviced when it does break down. If not under a service contract, you could be paying for hours of labor as well as parts costs.  One of the great things about having a service contract is that you can be sure you are getting a decent machine up front. A supplier would never sell you a lemon if they knew they had to service it themselves.

researchHave you researched the equipment brand / model?
What model / brand of equipment are you buying? How does it rate for reliability? At the end of the day, reliability is probably the most crucial factor in your day to day business needs. If the machine goes down, and you depend on it for mission critical tasks, that can be an expense in itself.

If you are in business for yourself or work for a company and are searching for used photocopiers online, naturally you want to get the best value at the best price.  Just remember, the best value is not always the lowest price, and sometimes the lowest price up front, ends up being the most costly choice down the road.

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Kyocera Announces the new TA-255 or TA-305 additions to Taskalfa Line

Kyocera Mita recently announced the launch of two (2) new additions to Kyocera’s highly-successful TASKalfa product line: TASKalfa 305 and TASKalfa 255 Black & White Multifunctional Systems.

Designed with the end-user in mind, these newly engineered MFPs encompass a budget-conscious solution offering the document imaging functionality required by customers.  Now businesses can print, copy, colour scan or fax — all while remaining within budget.

Kyocera Taskalfa 255

Kyocera Taskalfa 255


Perfect for any office environment

The TASKalfa 305/255 multifunctional systems with SMARTtech (Simple Management and Replacement Technology) assure simple-to-operate and simple-to-manage MFP functionality making them ideal for virtually every busy office and workgroup, especially round-the-clock document environments, highly secure offices and satellite locations.

With Kyocera’s SMARTtech design, when service is required there is minimal interruption to business activities, to ensure maximum uptime.

Works hard for your office

  • Fast Output Speeds of 30 and 25 ppm
  • Print, Copy, Colour Scan and Optional Fax/Network Fax
  • Standard Duplex and 50 Sheet Document Processor (RADF)
  • Maximum Paper Capacity of 1,600 sheets
  • Newly Designed Easy Operation Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Integration with Active Directory and Secure Identity Solutions
  • Ultra-Reliability with an industry-leading PM Schedule of 300,000 pages
  • Optional 500 sheet finisher with multi-position stapling capabilities

Safety and Security

  • Secure Print feature
  • Secure RAM-Based Memory equipped with 512MB of RAM and upgradeable to 1,536 MB
  • Option to configure with Kyocera’s Card Authentication Kit
  • No hard disk drive that can be breached by unauthorized personnel

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Kyocera TASKalfa Colour MFP Gains PANTONE Certification.

The Latest from Kyocera:  TASKalfa Colour MFP Gains PANTONE Certification.

The Kyocera TASKalfa 500ci Series redefines Color Multifunctional Systems with a bold and innovative design that delivers the power, performance, ultra-reliability and PANTONE® approved Color Output capabilities that your business demands.

Complete with custom Color Look-up Tables (LUT) and plug-ins for graphics software programs like the Adobe® Creative Suite, QuarkXPress®, Corel® and Freehand®, the TASKalfa 500ci Series offers you the ability to incorporate Pantone colors into your business output. Whether it’s your corporate logo or a custom color you want to highlight in your printed documents…


That’s Custom Color Output…

That’s the Kyocera TASKalfa 500ci Series.

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Scan to Email | One of my favorite features on the Samsung 6555n MFP Copier

Scan to Email

Scan to Email

Need to send a document to someone in digital form?

Gone are the days when we used to have to scan the document, save it to our desktop and manually attach the file to an email message. Now, most MFP’s like the Samsung 6555n, allow us to send digital documents simply by using the touch screen.

Easy to use

For the Samsung 6555n, as well many other brands of equipment, sending a document is almost as easy as making a photocopy. The only extra work involved is the entry of yours and the recipients email address, however like most touch tone phones, you can program the addresses in just like having numbers on speed dial. In no time, the document is sent to your recipient in a convenient PDF format.

Document Management?

I sometimes even use scan to email as a crude document management system. For instance, if there is a really cool magazine or newspaper article that I want to have on file, I will email it to myself and save it to my hard drive to have on file. For more advanced versions of digital document storage, there are many powerful add on’s that can be accompanied with a Samsung or other version MFP. SmartThru™ is document management software that allows users to create, store and edit scanned images, as well as direct the files to dedicated folders on a given PC computer. There are a variety of document management software programs available for various MFP brands. Some are very robust systems and others are quite simple. It all depends on your individual needs.

I know many of the people in our office use document management software as an essential tool for digital document storage and other administrative processes. For now, I will continue to enjoy scanning my favorite article now and then.

For more information on both simple and complex document management solutions, or if you would like to someone to demo scan to email functionality on a Samsung MFP, call 4 Office at 1-800-463-3423 to schedule a consultation.

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